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Has Quantum proved God’s existence?

No physical world exists behind the apparent elementary sense impressions subjected to the reflection of the mind. George Berkley, ‘Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge’ 1710 In short, no. As Nietzsche said, science cannot explain, it can only describe. This … Continue reading

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‘The Bunker’ – First Chapter FREE

Chapter 1 Mark had been sitting on the top deck of a number ‘49’ bus when he looked down and saw the top of his own head. It had been raining that evening and Mark watched himself as he traced … Continue reading

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Are humans just super intelligent animals?

Contemporary thought would hold that the difference between man and animals is, as Darwin said, a matter of degree, not of kind. We are simply animals that happen to be more intelligent than other creatures. However, it would seem difficult … Continue reading

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FREE Short Story – Mightier Than The Sword

Please click the link below to download a free PDF of my story, Mightier Than The Sword, in which literary jealousy leads to … well, you’ll have to find out. This story was first published in Mind’s Eye Magazine in … Continue reading

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Why Darwinian evolution is theory, not fact. (Update)

Update 10/12/13 The article below has attracted quite a lot of attention and comments, the majority of which are negative. I fear that I must take some of the blame for this as I had failed to make my position … Continue reading

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FREE Short Story – A Rose By Any Other Name

‘A Rose By Any Other Name’ was first published in Ethereal Tales in 2010. Please click on the link below to download your free PDF. A Rose by Any Other Name “So where did you find him?”  Sue glanced across … Continue reading

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Is fiction more important than fact? Stephen King v Richard Dawkins

There is a saying that fact is often stranger than fiction. This is often taken to mean that no matter what convoluted fantasies our writers can come up with, life will often throw up events that even the masters of … Continue reading

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