Welcome to ‘Where Fear, Faith and Fact Meet’. This the place where we have to overcome our fear in order to the boundaries of our reality where fact meets faith. Sometimes these voyages of discovery take the form of reasoned, articulate argument; sometimes when we push beyond the edges of our reason only art, in the form of fiction, can express what we try to grasp but which slips through our fingers.

Some of this work is my own; some of it is shamelessly borrowed. Where the work is that of others, it is duly credited.

I hope you enjoy these pages. Guests are encouraged to comment, especially if they disagree!

Have fun and keep on rocking!!!!


James Rawbone has, (in no particular order), spent significant parts of his life; being mugged in Johannesburg and Maputo, sleeping on the temples at Tikal, building a ranger’s post in Belize, losing cheques for Barclays International, working with drug addicts in Manchester, tomb-stoning in Jersey, learning Spanish in Guatemala, being beaten up by Hell’s Angels in Sheffield. accidentally joining a brainwashing cult and spending subsequent months ‘kulking´ around Denmark, working in a Street Children’s Orphanage in Mozambique, being a special needs teacher and owning two very spoilt ginger cats. He is 37, still not dead and lives with his wife and children in the rolling countryside of the North Downs.

He has also had a number of short stories published in magazines and on the web. Please contact him at jrawbone@hotmail.com


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