Give hope to the children of Pakistan

THE CHALLENGE: £500 in 6 months

THE AIM: to give hope to the children of Pakistan

In July 2014 Al Jazeera reported that in Pakistan an estimated 2 million children work for 14 hours a day, six days a week in brick kilns, Sadly this is the only future most of them will have; bleak and back breaking work making bricks.

Working with Starfish Asia, a Christian charity, I have set a target of raising £500 by the 1st September 2015 by selling 250 copies of my novel ‘The Bunker’. This would fund school places for 10 children for a year and give them the future that so few of their peers can have. Every penny (or cent) I make from the sales of ‘The Bunker’, reviewed as the lovechild of Stephen King and Ramsey Campbell, will go straight to Starfish Asia, so please help these children by visiting

For updates about how the challenge is progressing please go to For more information on Starfish Asia please go to


 Starfish Asia

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