Reviews for Bunker

‘You could give Stephen King a run for his money – seriously.’ Lizjrnm

A pretty darn good book, about a man tormented by guilt for something he felt he should have done as a child. To avoid spoiling the story, let me just say that the theme evolves into something similar to Stephen King’s Carrie, except that the only two people who really deserved to be punished died natural deaths. Set in a fictional English village, one really learns to feel for the various characters, whatever their faults may be. A gentle love story adds a nice bit of sweetness to the story. S.Pearson –

‘This is a gripping story with completely credible characters. This is ……. fluent writing, with some great dialogue and subtle touches that convey relationships nicely. Your dialogue is consistently authentic to the extent that, coupled with your vivid settings, I could see/hear this piece as a film. No doubt it’s going to be harrowing and you’re building the suspense well. This is an utterly compelling story – congratulations on a great piece of work.’ Claire

‘I love the opening paragraph, you instantly grabbed my attention. all in all a great read, good characters and strong story line, …. a real page turner.’ TG2010

‘My imagination is already racing…… The whole concept is one that intrigues me. I think you have a compelling story with lots of threads to tempt the reader, to try and solve the puzzle of what has happened and what is in store for Mark.’ Elsieraven

‘This is a fascinating, gripping tale.’ Nattojames

‘I think you have a real winner here.’ Colt

‘I really love this story, you have some brilliant ideas and I was hooked from the first line.’ Beclougheed

‘I would love to read the rest of this book. Do I like it? I love it!’ Debdjd

‘Have just read up to chapter 4 and had to stop as I’m in the house on my own and getting a bit spooked! Loved what I’ve read so far.’ Rachel Bull

‘I think you’ve got a wonderful start to a book here! I’m intrigued. It’s powerful writing too and I think you’ve been able to blend horror with something a little more so it’s not just a horror book.’ Missy

‘Move over Mr King, Mr Rawbone is here.’ Owen Quinn

Really enjoyed this book, plot was gripping, characters believable and I couldn’t wait to find out what happens next. I loved the mix between reality and imagination, would recommend to everyone!Lackeybandit

Loved this book.I do not think it was scary. There was a bit of bullying romance and super natural. Great book. Carol Clarke, book maid

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